Juggle Dream Carousel LED Bearing Diabolo


  • LED Lights
  • Fixed Axel
  • Diabolo Only
  • Doesn’t include sticks.


The Carousel LED is a medium sized, fixed axle diabolo from European juggling company Juggle Dream. The Carousel’s size and weight make it ideal for beginner to intermediate players of all ages and the perfect option for anyone looking for a great value LED diabolo.This version of the Carousel comes fitted a LED light kit fitted in each side. These kits focus the red, green and blue LEDs into the translucent side cups, making the entire diabolo glow and creating multi coloured pin point trails of light for anyone watching from the sides. This diabolo looks seriously cool in the dark!

The translucent, tough, scratch resistant TPE cups give the diabolo optimum light diffusion and weight distribution, providing stability at all speeds, while ensuring that it can handle repeated drops from even the highest throws.

Each LED kit use 3 x LR44 button cells.

Cup diameter – 105mm
Diabolo width – 122mm
Weight – 200g
Axle width – 8mm


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