Hopping Halves – UK version | 10p & 2p | Rare Coin Magic Trick | Very Easy




One of the easiest coin tricks you will perform. This coins are crafted with pure precision and are called the hopping halves, they are usually made using 1 Morgan dollar coin and 1 english penny. BUT this version is the UK version made with a 10p and a 2p, so you can now borrow spectators coins and do this amazing trick.


Show the spectators clearly 2 coins, one 2p and one 10p. You take the 2p and put it in your pocket and it magically jumps back in your hand. You do it again but this time with the silver coin and place it in your pocket. Again it jumps back into your hand, all coins can be shown again clearly. You ask the spectator which coin they want. You take the the silver coin out of your hand and AGAIN 2 coins back in your hand. For the finally you take out the penny clearly show it both sides, this time you open your hand and all coins have disappeared.