Flash paper – White Normal Flash Paper – Fire Magic





You will get 4 sheets of flash paper per pack approx size 9″ x 9″

We have been producing flash paper for over ten years, supplying Tv & film Companies along with magic dealers around the world.  

Our flash paper is perfect with any hand flasher, flash gun, wand & any other device.

This paper burns with a brilliant flame without any ash.

You can write on this flash paper using a sharpie, ballpoint pen, pencil & and without slowing the flash paper down.

Have you ever wanted just a small amount of coloured flash paper, why not try making some for yourself, all you need to do is soak the flash paper in some warm water, it will not break apart, because it has been treated. You then take out the paper and place it into a clean container and add some food coloring.

 18+ only