Colouring Book Large and Change Bag Magic Bundle #4


  • Professional Kids Magic Bundle
  • Make things appear and disappear
  • Colouring book very easy to perform


Magic Bundle #4 

Perfect for anyone starting out in Magic these two tricks are simple but effective. Ideal for Childrens/Kids entertainers, Street Magicians, Close up Magic this is great magic at a great price. 

Two Way Change Bag

Have your spectator place an item in the bag. With a wave of a wand you can make the item disappear or multiply depending on your need. Another wave will make the item reappear or revert back!

Colouring Book 

Show the spectators an empty colouring book, with a wave of a wand add some pictures, wave again and colour them in!!

Both tricks are easy enough for children to do but are also great for adults 



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