Bicycle Pro Bundle Of Card Tricks (Red or Blue)


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INVISIBLE DECK PRO SYSTEM – The invisible deck is used all other the world by top magicians like Dynamo, David Blaine, Penn and Teller and more! But There was always the annoyance of spreading through and trying to prize the spectators card away from another. NOT ANYMORE! We have developed a new system where you can spread through the card with ease and easily spread the spectators choice card away. 100% Easier to reveal the spectators card, no more rubbing the cards or wearing them in.
SVENGALI DECK – The best-selling magic deck of cards ever! The perfect ‘forcing’ deck, complete with full instructions to enable you to perform many card tricks with a minimum of practice. All the cards can be shown different, yet you can force the card you want, with unlimited possibilities of routines. My favourite routine is to have a card selected, then replaced into the deck and then tell the spectator to look up at the ceiling. To their amazement, their card is stuck to the ceiling. Other possibilities include: The performer displays a deck of cards and shows that all the cards are different. He then gives a free choice to the audience to pick up a card. The card is shown to all and put back into the deck. The performer then retrieves the card from anywhere in the deck at any time at the audience’s request. Can be used as a force card. Very easy to do, no sleight-of-hand required.
STRIPPER DECK – Bicycle stripper deck, fully sealed and professionally made by bicycle. Very easy to perform and comes with instructions on a few tricks to perform.

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