Placebo by Mark Calabrese Card Tricks – Instant Download


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Placebo is a rare miracle in card magic which allows the spectator to do all of the work!

Imagine a named card, from a shuffled deck to be found by the spectator, behind their back! Seems too good to be true? Mark Calabrese has developed a way of doing just that and more.
Completely impromptu
For beginners and workers
No weird moves
Borrowed and shuffled deck
Freely named card
Spectator can do all of the work!
For many years, this has been one of Mark’s go-to effects in his walk around and stand-up routine. Within minutes of learning the secret, you will be able to go out and perform this flawlessly!

What you get:
Multiple routines taught by Mark Calabrese
Psychological subtleties
Alternate handlings
In depth explanations to how and why this works!
Don’t miss one of the best kept underground effects to hit the market… This is PLACEBO.


Easy Magic Performing the trick below


Official trailer below